If you're tired of the old aquarium or pond maintenance routine, it's about time you tried the PYTHON way! With our time-saving, helpful products you will be able to cut your maintenance time IN HALF! We offer a large selection of products to clean and maintain your aquarium. Also we offer the always popular"Ultivac" for cleaning your pond. Because fish and decor are not disturbed during routine maintenance, our products are less stressful on both fish and owner making it easier to clean your aquarium or pond on a regular basis.

Gravel Cleaners



Python Man
Gravel Cleaners
No Spill Clean & Fill Gravel Cleaner Pro Clean Ulti-Vac Gravel Cleaner Extensions Extended Length
Gravel Tubes

Eco-Cleaning Cloth Professional Quality Airline Tubing Python Porter Python Squeeze Algae Mitt


Female Connector 06F Male Connector 07F Faucet Adapter 13A Replacement Pump 13B Switch 13C

Gravel Tube With Tail
& Connector 13D
Universal Adapter 69A Brass Adapter 69HD Snap Connector 49F Female Brass Adapter

Male Brass Adapter